Simple Affordable Pricing That Suits Every Budget

Now you can start with as low as Rs 5000 to start with and pay as you use more services with time.We offer a simple and effective payment option that not only suits your budget but also provide you best discount available for Website Promotion & Website SEO in the industry.

Pricing For Website SEO

Website seo pricing is linked to the number of keywords, that you want to promote your site for.We implement a host of  seo strategies to meet the end target for your website after studying your product current competition on search engines and final traget audience.

Normally charges are Rs 1000 per keyword and minimum 10 keywords are required to start effective SEO campaign.Also also all the charges are charged upfront on quarterly basis.So for 10 keywords or key phrases customer has to has a budget of 30,000 for a quarter.

If you need more keywords, you can add them any time to your seo package and we will adjust the future invoices accordingly.

Currently for new clients we are offering 50% discount for first quarter, so that you get your website SEO for as low as Rs 5000 per month, and check the results your self.After ist quarter normal charges are applicable

Pricing For Digital Marketing

All Our Digital Marketing Services pricing have three components.So if you are looking for Facebook Campaigns or Google Adword Campaigns our charges compromises of

  1. Media Buying Charges
  2. One Time Setup Charges
  3. Our Service Charges

Media Buying Charges:-

All the media buying or advertising cost charges are payed directly by using our payment method and are charged in advance from the customer.For example if we have set target of spending 10,000 per month on Google Adwords Campaign or on Facebook Promotions, An amount of 10,000+ 18% GST is charged upfront to the client.

One Time Setup Charges:-

A fixed one time setup charges are added to ist invoice, whenever a new campaign is setup for any of our client.One time setup charges varies from project to project, we do offer discounts on one time setup charges,contact our team for the same.

Our Service Charges:-

Apart from media buying and one time setup charges, we do charge 20% of monthly ad spend.All the above charges are charged on monthly or quaterly basis as per the needs of the client.

Contact us with your online advertising targets and we will quote you a custom price under your budget.

Social media management charges and Online Reputation Management Services charges vary depending upon the overall target of campaign, you can contact our team to discuss your exact requirement so that we can quote you accordingly.

An additional GST tax of 18% of the invoice value is added to all the invoices, as per the GST Law.If you are a registered GST Number holding firm, you can claim the excess GST after balancing your GST liability for refund at GST Portal.