PPC Management

What is Pay-Per-Call Advertising?

It’s a marketing model in which the advertiser pays for phone calls made by viewers of an ad.

It’s similar to pay-per-click advertising, but it generates phone calls to your business instead of clicks to a website.

And it suits both national advertisers and local businesses because you can scale up by paying only for results.


Why is Pay-Per-Call advertising important?

Pay-per-call ads deliver qualified leads to your business because anyone who makes a phone call is eager to solve a problem and ready to take action.

In fact, we’ve seen pay-per-call ads convert up to 24% of the time … at a savings of up to 51% versus pay-per-click.

And here are 3 more eye-opening statistics:

  • Customers who call a business are 10 times more likely to make a purchase than those who only click on a link (source: Kelsey Group Study)
  • 61% of businesses rate the phone calls they receive as an “excellent” source of leads (source: BIA Kelsey)
  • 53% of online shoppers cite a lack of human interaction as a reason for abandoning their shopping carts (source: Harris Interactive). That’s why a phone call to your business can give you an instant advantage

How Pay-Per-Call advertising works

Our proven 4-step process makes it easy:

  • Step 1: You choose what product or service to advertise and where (local, regional or national).
  • Step 2: We create the ad campaign, using a mix of online and offline media. These include Google AdWords, Facebook ads, direct mail, print ads, TV, radio, even the Yellow Pages. You’re in control and you have final say on where your ads run.
  • Step 3: Customers see your phone number and call. Every call is tracked for reporting later.
  • Step 4: The caller is connected to your business. You take it from there!

Also, you choose the payment model that makes sense for you:

  • Pay-per-call (flat fee for each phone call).
  • Pay-per-duration (pay for conversations lasting a pre-determined amount of time).
  • Pay-per-lead (pay after the caller provides their contact information).
  • Because you pay only for results, pay-per-call advertising is perfect for any business that wants to pyramid their success by rolling out more profitable ads.

Who is Pay-Per-Call advertising for?

Your business can expect a predictable increase in profits, if:

  • You advertise offline. We put your phone number in front more qualified prospects for your business offline — print, direct mail, radio, TV, and outdoors.
  • You advertise online. We help you close more sales by making it easier for qualified prospects to call your business from their mobile phones when they’re searching for answers on Google.
  • You want to scale your business. You can expand into new cities virtually overnight because we give you local phone numbers that increase trust with customers in any market you choose. No new website needed!
  • You sell a service. Especially if yours is time-sensitive, such as a locksmith or rehab/addiction recovery center. Pay-per-call ads also work for carpet cleaners, pest control, lawn care, and many other services. Just ask us for case studies, we’ll show you the figures.